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Spirited Light

Most impression about lamps is a quiet and settled home fitting, we believe it can be more than that. The flexible luminaire can be set exactly to suit your needs.

Relationship Between People and Light

In our daily lives, we derive comfort, peace, and warmth from light. In addition to our stance on design aesthetics, the direct relationship between the object and people is the first factor that we take into account.

Photo Credit:U.Z Design

Practical Simplicity

SEED Design Director Meiric, who has solid mechanics background, he believes that giving the fixtures adjustable functionality allows for more exploration of lighting scenarios. In addition to making the use of light more intuitive and convenient, it also encourages the users to touch the texture of daily objects and feel an aesthetic sense of spaces.

Thinking outside the box, we aim to endue luminaires an interactive ability, overcoming the obstacle of development by a series of physical experiments, trying to find a perfect balance between function, craftsmanship, and aesthetics. A symphony of light.

Photo Credit:​9’OAK DESIGN

Let’s take a look at what we’ve done for all multiple possibilities of movement and shape.

Patented Structural Engineering Innovation

▲Rotate the DJ base to turn on/off and dim.

CHINA 2004 debuted by its patented structure. The modern concept of “DJ base” is integrated into the minimalist, low-key oriental lines, and the seemingly refined and calm appearance is actually elegantly dimmable

JOJO along the wires going up and down just echoes the playful yo-yo. With the invisible pulley and well-calculated counterweight, the wire length is adjustable by moving it’s opal glass shade veristically, which is impressively smoothly and handily to operate. From 1994 till now, it is still a WOW design when shown in the global fairs.

▲ JOJO allows you to play with light by moving its shades vertically, creating countless compositions

In 2005, the designer was thinking about how to shift the light to multiple positions in order to serve each seat around a table, and then the KAZOKU was born. Rotating the cross bar horizontally to change the arm either linear “-”or cross “+” , the transformer has meeting every user’s need in getting a comfortable light. No matter for work or dining purpose, we are pleased to serve each joyful family gathering to stay emotionally intact.

These three iconic structures have even been well received in global markets for decades, so that they were all upgraded and embedded with new versions to meet recently modern lifestyle.

▲ 2005 Kazoku’s cross-bar debut

▲ 2014 Lalu+ inherits the spirit of light from the cross-bar.

Comprehensive Adjustments

While we are on the subject of flexible adjustment function toward various users scenarios, those SEED classic models will absolutely come to mind: PLANET HERCULES and LAITO MEGA . The frequency of human-light interaction can be said to be outstanding among lamps, and the multi-link elements contain in-depth consideration like you had never saw before. SEED products take in account function and usability, that always package with exclusive and patent devices to interact cleverly with user scenario. We offer extraordinary craftsmanship with fine-tuned engineering.

▲ Planet_ solid Copper Gear Construction

▲ Hercules_ 2019 German Design Special Mention

▲ Laito Mega_Fishbone + Circular Rotating Structure

Hidden Extraordinary Craftsmanship in the Fine Details

“Perfection consists in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.” We offer dedicated craftsmanship with fine-tuned engineering. Every piece is meticulously crafted with ardent passion and stringent ethics.

SOL, launched in 2019 Q3, the cutting-edge design elaborates its details of appearance, function, and innovation, expressing the spirit of SEEDOLOGY we abide by.

The metallic bar in the center is more than just an ornament, it’s a balance device which allows the fixture to be able to change the light angle even after installed. Each installation is unique, the multiple apertures of light are arranged to create an endless galaxy of star shifting atmosphere. Ideally installed in groups of two or three, they rotate to the custom configuration dictated by the size and shape of a space, geometrically emits an ambient light.

Followed by Christmas eve of 2019, the SIRCLE is available in elegant sand gold finishing perfectly combine with warm mouth-blown opal glasses. By flipping the opal shade in and out of the metal frame, the designer succeeds in creating the fantacy of floating milky twilight.

2020 is the year we need love and light more than ever when things are mixed up with the unknown. We groped our way through the fuzzy clouds, as a metaphor, DAWN is the first light for us. By the collaboration between the built-in physical structure “Double Helix” and the optical accessory “Zoom Lens”, the light is able to change the beam angle by zoom in and out. In addition to floodlight and focus, it can also be a wall washer, creating a natural sense of art in the space. As the dark clouds recede and the dawn emerges, DAWN is not only beyond the scope of a lamp, but also enriches the natural mission of a lamp.

▲ The head can be rotated up-and-down for soft light or spotlight.

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