Linear suspensions: shape your space with distinct personalities

How do you want your lighting fixture to be a showstopper, or something more modest that will be also eye-catching yet induce a calming-type effect? From minimal and modern to fun and eclectic, Seed’s linear suspensions are available in a wide range of styles, ideally blend into your space while you want it to be a very simplified and clean representation.


With unrestrained lighting layout, TRAM consists of genuine brass for its electric conductivity, the lamp spots wirelessly connect to the brass track, that can be repositioned and 360°-rotated.

Removable light spots and intuitive dimming by touchless sensors.


▲ Photo credit:INDOT Interior Design

Pure expression yet superior light. The square-shaped lamp body extends downwards from both sides, ideally forming an anti-glare shield while the inner sand gold coating creates a delicate reflection.

Sensor beside of the shade: four-step color temperature tune – 3000K (default setting) / 3400K / 4000K/ 2700K

Sensor underneath the shade: stepless brightness dimming switch – wave to switch on/off & keep the hand still to dim


DAWN PL4 collects 4 lamps into a linear suspension, each lamp is individual for flexible beam angle and light direction adjustment by simply rotating the lens shade. No matter focusing the luminaire on the delicacy; Or spread the light evenly creating a suitable reading zone, DAWN PL4 can be set exactly to suit your needs.

▲ Photo credit:TALI SPACE


Having a steady frame joined in, that balances the flexible movement of light. The linear U-band frame holds the four of hollow shades, which reduces light contrast and allows the light to diffuse in a gentle, calm, and graceful way.

Photo Credit: Simple Design Studio

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TRAM Pendant

Size   L 149.6cm x W 7.2cm x H 5.2cm
Light Source   LED 5 x 4W 3000K CRI95 1205lm
​​Designer   Chen, Chao-Cheng


SQUARE Pendant

Size   L 146cm x W 4.6cm x H 5cm
Light Source   LED 40W 3000K-3400K-4000K-2700K  CRI 98 2300lm
Designer   Chen, Chao-Cheng


DAWN Pendant(PL4)

Size   L 141.2 cm x W 6.2 cm x H 20.4 cm
Light Source
  LED 4 x 5W 3000K CRI 95 1143lm

​​Designer   Chen, Chao-Cheng


OLO Φ Pendant (PL4)

Size   L  135 cm x W  20 cm x H  5.5 cm
Light Source   LED 4 x 6.5W 3000K CRI90 1650lm
Designer   Li,Hui Lun

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